Big Aventure

Hey how’s it going guys? Welcome back to Bob Dylan tickets the very last installment of this wonderful blog that I have created for all of those people out there that are spring cleaning and getting their equipment ready for the wonderful summer that lies before us this year in 2016 as we are all going to start getting ready godaddy hosting to head out into the wilderness as the snow starts to melt and the trees begin to bloom - learn more. We will definitely be discussing like we have been in the past articles all about what it means to be a happy camper, and when we mean a happy camper we are talking about the type of camper who definitely has the right equipment and isn’t getting caught out in the wilderness unprepared.

The worst thing that you can do for yourself when you go backpacking is to go out really far away from all types of civilization and then realize you forgot something really necessary or you to have out there in the wilderness or you just are not prepared as well as you should be, and that can be really scary so that is exactly why pippin tickets we are here to help you out and let you know not only what types of necessary equipment that you will need out in the back country but also the best equipment and we will also be reviewing that equipment, so because this is our last installment what we are going to do is go over a number of really good equipment and give you even more of a reference as to the best type of equipment that you can bring with you this summer when you go on your next big adventure into the wilderness.

So of course if you are planning on becoming a backpacker or a big time camper or maybe if you are an experienced camper and you are in need of some vital equipment you are going to need a good backpack. The backpack that you choose is so vital because not only will it hold all of your stuff that you will have with you in the wilderness but you will have to carry everything that you coldplay tickets are bringing on your shoulders for miles and miles up mountains and wherever it may be that you are going so you definitely are going to want a backpack that is not only comfortable to carry but also very economical in that it can hold everything that you need in logical ways.

The number one backpacking backpack that we think is on the market right now is the Osprety Atmos 65 AG, and we think that not only is this pack really large and awesome in general, but it is also about half the price of other packs like brands from Arc-Teryx that usually are really over priced and not really worth it in the long run,kinky boots tickets but the Osprey packs are definitely really good packs for all purposes and I know that the 65 AG is huge and definitely big enough to hold more than enough of your stuff. Also this backpack is really comfortable which might be the most important aspect of what makes a good backpack, but it also has a lot of ventilation which could sometimes be a problem if you are going to be in snowy areas, but you should be fine in the long run with this backpack and we definitely recommend it for all your backpacking adventures.
Another really important piece of equipment that everyone is going to need in the back country is a head lamp, and this is because when it gets dark outside and you aren’t around a fire you are going to want a light that wayback machine alternative is perfectly in your vision or perception and that is what a head lamp will give you and help you out with in really important ways, and there is no telling how important a headlamp will be to you when you are out in the wilderness. So the number one head lamp right now on the market is the Coast HL7 and this is a really good head lamp for a variety of reasons because it is a great value and it also is really bright and can help you out even in your darkest of hours. For more information visit: 

Festival Fun

When it comes to having fun in America a lot of people automatically think of drinking copious amounts of alcohol and things like that including sports and other things like that including music festivals, and although I think everyone would agree that music festivals are fun I think the most fun that you can have in this country is out in the great national parks and wilderness areas that this great nation has to offer, and for the most part I think that all of us are concerned about the health of America because we are seeing the highest obesity rates we ever have, and that means that for the most part we all need to reconsider how we are having fun and I think backpacking and camping is a great workout and a great way to have the time of your life because that is what doing these types of adventures is all about.

So let’s say you are pretty experienced in the back country or maybe you are just trying to get into camping and backpacking, well it doesn’t really matter because we are here for literally everyone who is interested in this type of outdoor activity because all of these articles and blogs are meant to help people in their pursuit of the perfect adventure by helping them know how to better sleep outside and have the right equipment to do so properly. The thing is that going on a backpacking adventure isn’t expensive at all but you need to invest some money in the right equipment before you go on your big adventure so that you will make sure that you will have a good time and be a happy camper, because when it comes down to it that is what backpacking and camping and sleeping outside is all about, when you sleep outside you dont need a whole house fan. We go out into the depths of the wilderness to have a good time and become one with nature and the world and thus bring clarity to ourselves, and so I think that for the most part we all should consider doing things like backpacking but we also need to know what type of equipment to buy beforehand so that is what we are here to help you with and that is exactly what we are about to get back into right now with our next equipment reviews for the best backpacking and camping gear that will help you sleep outside in even more of a fun way.

So there is definitely one resource that you need to worry about when you are out in the wilderness and you don’t want to have to carry it around with you because it is definitely really heavy, and that resource is water. I know that a lot of people stress out about water when they go camping or backpacking and the thing is that you can completely eliminate all of that stress if you just purchase the very necessary water treatment device so that you can get clean and sanitary drinking water out of clean streams and other nearby water sources, and I know this will definitely be necessary when backpacking because water is so necessary to have at all times and you are going to want to be able to get water as you hike so by having a water treatment filter you are definitely making yourself capable of surviving in the wilderness.

The best water treatment filter on the market right now is the Platypus GravityWorks, and I think this water filter is the best because not only does it come at an affordable price but it also does the job quickly and doesn’t take up that much space in your pack when you are hiking around, but it also holds up to eight liters of water when you really need to store a bunch of water at a time. You are definitely going to want to collect water from lush and flowing water sources with this filter, as with all filters, but of course this means that you will be very accessible to all types of water and of course this filter is lightweight and good to bring with you into the wilderness for sure.

Love The Great Outdoors

Everyone really loves the great outdoors, and although there definitely are a bunch of people who just don’t get it when it comes to camping and backpacking those people can have fun sitting on their couch looking at Facebook or something because when it comes to experiencing the world and becoming a better person there is a lot to learn about the world and yourself in the wilderness, but of course if you are the type of person who is really interested in camping and backpacking then you are probably getting ready this spring for a bunch of fun and adventures for this summer season that is quickly approaching us, and I think that if we are going to think about all the fun things that we can do in our free time this summer we could really talk about all the fun things to do and camping adventures just here in America.

I know there are thousands of people who will be going on extensive backpacking trips this summer that could last weeks at a time, and I think these are the types of trips that will definitely allow all of us to further understand what the wilderness and camping is all about, but before you go on your big adventures this summer you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment that you will need for your big trip ready to go, and that is exactly what we are going to  help you out with through these blogs and articles because if you are the type of person who is planning a big backpacking trip and you need some help picking out some new equipment then you are in the right place online because this entire list of articles is all about sleeping outside and the camping gear reviews that will help you know the best equipment to bring with you that will definitely help you out a bunch in the wilderness, so thank us later and keep on reading so you can be better prepared this summer when you are out there roughing it in the wilderness still being a very happy camper because you got your equipment list on point with us.

So one piece of equipment that is really small but absolutely necessary in order to get good nights sleep out in a tent is a sleeping pad, and I think sleeping pads are things that a lot of people sometimes forget about because they think that they will be able to just sleep on the natural ground in a sleeping bag, which could sometimes be the case, but for the most part you are going to need a sleeping pad because a lot of campgrounds in the back country are going to be on surfaces that are not the best for sleeping and if you have a sleeping pad you will definitely be three times as comfortable as without one and that just sucks in general if you know what we mean. So the best sleeping pad for men that we have found in recent years is the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm that comes from a really cool company that has definitely made the best sleeping pads on the market in recent years. What is also really cool about this sleeping pad is that it packs really small but folds out really large and is warm and comfortable so even if you are in a cold environment this sleeping pad will help you stay warm, which is a lot different than a lot of other sleeping pads out on the market, but I think that if you get this sleeping pad you’ll be more than fine out in the backcountry this summer.


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Camp On A Regular Basis

Camping is something that not enough people do on a regular basis, and even during the winter time sleeping outside is something that a lot of people should at least be interested in, and for the most part I would say a lot of people do not like to do these types of outdoor adventures, but of course then there are the types of people who live for these types of moments and that is exactly why we think you have come to the right site online if you are a big camper or backpacker because sleeping outside and camping equipment reviews is what this entire website is all about, and we know that the information that we are going to be able to provide to you through this list of articles is going to be able to be more than helpful when you find yourself out in the wilderness and that is because we have been out in the wilderness and we have made mistakes and we know exactly what types of equipment are the most useful for you when you get out there and need something that will help you out a bunch, but of course everyone is different and we are simply trying to give our readers the advice that we think they will need when out camping and sleeping outside because if you aren’t so experienced at sleeping outside then you definitely are going to want to have some serious advice that will help you understand what you are going to be facing, and there really are a bunch of different direction that we can go with these articles but for now we are going to go over some of the equipment that we really like and think is really useful and review these items and tell you exactly why we think you should purchase them.

Alright, so here’s the thing that a lot of people forget about when they go camping or anything really out in the wilderness and that is when you go for a long hike and then finally get to your campground what do you think the first thing that you are going to do is? Well, if you are smart in any way then you know that the first thing to do will to set up your tent and start getting your fire prepared, and this is when cooking will start to come into play. Everyone knows that happy campers are well fed campers and no one likes to be really hungry in the middle of the wilderness because it makes you start to feel helpless and that is definitely not a good feeling to have, especially when you are miles away from the nearest food. So it is definitely important that you bring along with you some good camping cookware, and some of the best camping cookware that we think is on the market right now is the MSR Quick 2 System, and this thing is seriously an all in one package that is going to allow you to collapse everything together inside a nice pot and then be able to hike around with everything sealed tightly together and not all over inside your pack, which is really convenient. Also it is going to provide some gas tanks and a skillet burner and that is really important because this is what you will cook your food from, and you can definitely get really creative with this type of equipment and start to eat really good food while your camping, and I think everyone understands that when you are out in the wilderness and you cook a good meal it tastes way better than anything that you would cook in a regular kitchen.

Natural Beauty

It’s definitely kind of hard to describe but when you are out in nature away from the prisons that are the big cities in the world and you can tell that you are really in a beautiful place that deserves to be recognized and seen for the natural beauty all around you, it is definitely pretty reasonable to assume that the feelings that you are going to get will be those of peace and serenity.

Camping and backpacking in general is something that I personally think all humans need to experience at some point in their lives and that is simply because everyone needs to get out in nature, and I don’t mean driving around in a car around a national park and then walking a few hundred feet up to a water fall, because that is boring and lazy.

What I mean is that everyone really needs to get out there and get away from everything and hike miles into the wilderness and camp out with their friends and loved ones and really understand what it means to sleep outside underneath the stars, and that is something that I think is healthy and good for literally every human because it starts to help us think about the world in a different way and the ways in which we live our life because honestly everyone wishes they could just quit their job and live out in nature but everyone is usually way too afraid to do anything like that of any sort, and that is why so many people never really get out there in the wilderness and do things that will really enrich themselves and their lives, but of course a lot of people love to do these types of things and that is what life is really all about is getting out there and experiencing the world, and the only way to really experience the world is to go adventure and get out in the part of the world that humans rarely get to see.

Of course if you are going to go camping or backpacking then you are definitely going to need a lot of the proper equipment so that you don’t freeze or kill yourself out in the middle of the wilderness, and trust me when I say this that the better equipment that you have out in the wilderness the better off you will be, so that is exactly what we are going to help you out with in terms of getting you sleeping outside and doing things that will help your camping experiences out a lot, because when it comes down to it camping is supposed to be fun you aren’t necessarily supposed to struggling against the elements of the world it should be a lot of fun and that is why we are here to make sure you don’t get yourself in a tight spot and all of a sudden a fire won’t start and you aren’t having as much fun anymore, because that is no fun and we all want you guys to be happy campers.


So there are a bunch of things that you are going to need to have a fun time camping, but the first thing that you are definitely going to need is a tent, and that is when you need to decide which type of tent that you would like. Now for a lot of people they will go with a camping tent, which usually can fit around four people in them, but for the people who are going to be doing a lot of hiking and backpacking you are probably going to want to use a backpacking tent which is more of a personal tent or maybe fits two people in it, and of course the reasons for this is pretty obvious in that backpacking tents usually weight a fraction of the weight of a camping tent. Now let’s say that you are looking to do some backpacking, because let’s be honest if you are currently reading this article then you probably are really interested in getting way out there in the wilderness, and so if you need a backpacking tent then there are definitely a lot of options and of course price will definitely play a big factor in your decisions in terms of a backpacking tent especially because these types of tents can actually get pretty cheap, but of course you are probably going to want a tent that also will keep you warm and that is why we think the Hilleburg Anjan 2 backpacking tent it probably one of the best tents on the market right now and the reasons for that are because it is really light weight but it is also made of materials that are going to keep you super warm when it gets cold at night, which we are assuming it probably will get pretty cold up in the mountains even during the summer.











I really love camping and I think the reason that I love camping and hiking and backpacking in general is that it brings me to a sense of peace with the world and myself because when you are out in the middle of the wilderness with no distractions of the outside world and no really worries about anything you can really make yourself feel really great, and that is the coolest thing and feeling in the world to me at least. Of course a lot of people have not gone camping as much as I have and don’t enjoy it as much as I do.

But of course there are a lot of different ways and things that people can do while camping and backpacking and it doesnt have to entail anything like what I have been doing over the past few years although I definitely know some really good camping spots all over the United States. But what we are going to be doing with all of these articles is to help out a bunch of people who need a little bit of support in terms of figuring out what equipment they might need for their next camping or backpacking adventure, and that is something that we definitely can help you out with because we know all of the best camping equipment in general and we know what you are going to want for your next adventure that you can not necessarily get at any REI all over the place, although REI does have a lot of great stuff they don’t always have all of the best options that will be the best for backpackers but don’t get me wrong REI does have a lot of great equipment but we can also help you get better deals then what you would get at REI.

So like in one of the other articles that we already did in this list of articles we are going to talk about camping cookware equipment and the thing is that so many people don’t understand how important cooking equipment is, and I know I have been subject to criticism of this in the past because I used to just carry around a pretty large grill top with me wherever I went in the wilderness but that is definitely not the way to go especially when you can use a bunch of stoves that will actually be really helpful, especially when you are backpacking, so this article is primarily going to focus on backpacking stoves and which stoves are the best on the market right now.

The first backpacking stove that we are going to talk about is the MSR Windburner, and I think that this backpacking stove is actually a stove that is really useful and not too expensive, and of course it is windproof which is super important in terms of these types of stoves because so many backpacking stoves will lose their flame in the wind and it can sometimes be really had to cook when you are in a windy location, which is something that you definitely need to consider when getting a backpacking stove. So that is part of why this is stove is one of our favorites, and it also is not as expensive as some of the other stoves that could be affected by wind gusts, but of course it is never that big of a deal if you know what we mean because we understand that you need to have a good stove just to cook some food for you out in the wilderness, and we know that if you use the MSR Windburner you will have to deal with less hassle and that will make you eat easier and make everyone with you even happier of campers.  

This stove is one that is kind of heavy, so you should be aware of this before you buy it but of course it is meant to be pretty lightweight and actually isn’t that heavy when it comes to some of the alternatives, and it definitely is portable and will fit in any type of backpack so it is definitely easy to bring into the wilderness with you, and it is definitely the type of equipment that everyone is going to want to have on a backpacking trip, so go get one at REI or something.